VFA Conference in Jaunpur, India

"Achieving Excellence through Ethics and Human Values in Management"

        We are very pleased that our fellow VFA member Dr. Shiv K. Tripathi had organized a well received conference on "Achieving Excellence
through Ethics and Human Values in Management" in Jaunpur, India. This is a great endeavor and we are glad to hear of its success. A full report has been included below, as supplied by Shiv himself.
    Hari OM,
    Stephen Knapp

        With the blessings of God, we have successfully organized the workshop. Dr. Ved Prakash participated in the event and Mata Parma Karuna Devi contributed her article. In addition, we included 4 articles of Prabhu Shri Stephen Knapp Ji in our workshop reading volume. We displayed the banner of VFA at venue for all the three days. We also distributed brocure to all the participants. I  have included my address on brochure as local contact. Hope our movement to transform this universe on the path of morality and peace will be further strengthened in future. I have attached soft copy of the report for your reference and if possible, publication in VFA journal/Website.

Institue of Business Management
V.B.S. Purvanchal University
Jaunpur - 222-001 (India)

National Workshop on "Achieving Excellence through Ethics and Human Values in Management".

        Institute of Business Management ,VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur has organized a three days national workshop on "Achieving Excellence Through Ethics & Human Values In Management" during 29-31 March, 2007. The Vedic Friends Association, USA extended its academic support to the organization of the workshop. The workshop aimed at creating the awareness among the faculty members, executives and management students regarding the need for human values oriented ethical management that in turn would facilitate the process of socio-economic development of the country through socially responsible responses of the corporates. The workshop was inaugurated on 29th March by an eminent management thinker and Ex-Director Management Center for Human Values, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Prof,S.K.Chakraborty. Speaking at the occasion, Prof. Chakraborty said; “Management Excellence can only be brought through self-purification and promotion of Human Values and Ethics in managing organizations. In this fast changing business scenario, the human values and ethic embodied in the Indian Vedic Culture, have become essentials for national and Social Development. Prof Chakraborty in his address further emphasized the emerging problems, their basic causes and possible solutions in today's business scenario and observed that we are rapidly deviating from our culture and Vedic values, which is one of the reasons that the western civilization is fast influencing our socio cultural system. He commented that the Indian masses and their Psyche has never been materialistic in its outlook and if we try to embrace materialism it would be detrimental to the society.

        Reiterating on this, Prof. Chakraborty further discussed on the need for developing management practices based on ancient Indian and human values. The programme was chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof K.P.Singh who said that only the
management practices and administration, based on one's inner voice or Atma, can bring out best results in one's efforts. In his speech Prof Singh emphasized that all should whole heartedly work for the development of the society and the nation, which will eventually lead to the recognition and respect of the nation as was in the ancient period. Quoting example of Indian values in management Prof Singh said that until and unless the choice between right and wrong is done through one's inner self and conscience, quality in our actions would be absent. Prior to this the head of the Department Dr Shiv K Tripathi welcomed the guest and opened the workshop by stating the objectives and premising the subject. The inaugural function was started lighting lamps by the chief guest and the chairperson. The Mr Murad Ali, Faculty of the department, compeered the programme. Dr Subhojit Banejee delivered vote of thanks to all the distinguished guests. Experts of this subject Prof R.C.Sharma, Prof Ved
Prakash, Prof M.N. Misra and Mr. A.N Sharma were amongst the distinguished participants in the programme.

        After the inaugural session, famous Vedic-Astrologer from New Delhi Prof Ved Prkash spoke on Astrology and Vedic Sciences and its applications in theory and practice of Management for better organization. In the next technical session, Management Advisor of FICCI, New Delhi, Mr. AN Singh spoke on emerging Management thoughts based on ancient Vedic Philosophy. He emphasized on the relevance and importance that it has in modern business management. Prof RC Sharma chaired the technical session.
        The second day of the workshop included three technical sessions and a panel discussion. In the first session, Mr. Lawrence Girard from Ananda Sangha, New Delhi presented his views on how practices of Yoga can be helpful in achieving material success of the businesses for welfare of everyone in the society. In the second session, a noted scholar of Indian Management and Professor at Delhi University Prof. Sunita Singh-Sengupta highlighted the need for Management based on Raj Yoga. The third session was addressed by an eminent management scholar and Professor at BITS-Pilani, Dubai (UAE), Prof. Tanmay Panda who presented his views on the difference in the theory and practice of Ethical Management. In the panel discussion, Dr. Ajai Prakash from Lucknow University, Dr. M.S. Goel, Dr. Shiv K.Tripathi, Mr. Lawrence Girard, Prof. Tanmay Panda and Dr. Ved Prakash discussed the challenges in globalization of Indian Approached to Management.

        In the first session of the third day, Head of the Department Dr. Shiv K. Tripathi presented the management concepts as given in the great Indian epic Srimad Bhagawatam. In the second session, Dr. Ravi Prakash Pandey of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith talked about the interrelationship between development of ethical values and organizational responses. In the third session of the day, Dr. R.P. Dwivedi, Director, Gandhian Study Centre, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi emphasized the need for management system based on ideologies of Gandhian philosophy. The session was chaired by Prof. Dharnidhar Dubey.
        In the Valedictory session of the workshop, Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh, Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Indore said that the ancient Indian scriptures are rich treasure of Management concepts and theories. In order to promote the ethico-moral management practices we all should draw insights from Indian literature including Vedanta. The workshop coordinator thanked the guests, participants, Vedic ambassadors and eminent scholars Mr. Stephen Knapp, Mata Parama Karuna Devi, Prof. Subhash Sharma for their active academic contribution to the workshop.
(Dr. Shiv K. Tripathi) Head

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