Defending the Dharma

       This is for watching and reacting to injustice and demeaning acts or statements towards Vedic culture, whether done deliberately or in ignorance. This is also for developing a stronger voice in the government and providing a bigger influence on politicians and the issues that need to be addressed. This will help end the neglect and bias often experienced by the Vedic community from government and politicians.

        There may be issues, concerns, biased television shows and so forth that spread inaccurate views or information. As a group, there will be times in which we can respond to these in a way to help counter the inaccuracies or prejudiced views by writing letters, making phone calls, or even having meetings to develop pro-active methods to do this. The American Hindu Foundation (HAF) is an affiliate organization that is already having great success in this area. So we encourage our members to work and become an associate of HAF. Their website is:  HAF represents concerns and issues very similar to the VFA, and is very active in representing Hindu Americans by interacting with leaders in government, the media, academia, and non-governmental organizations. The director Mihir Meghani is also a VFA member.

HELPFUL WEBSITES:  --  this site will help you locate your local Representative or Senator and his contact information so you easily pass along letters and concerns that you have. Simply fill in your zip code and press "go".  --  find your representative and the events that are currently going on in the House of Representatives.  --  find your senators at this site.  --  provides information to contact your government representatives at their district offices and get in-state addresses, fax numbers, email addresses, etc.  --  a huge list of government and news media related links and contacts. -- This is an important and informative site, which is updated at frequent intervals, is a 100 percent not-for-profit, all-in-one resource Indian Americans and Friends of India can turn to for information on current issues relevant to US-India relations. Its single-track objective is to influence US opinion in favor of India and to bring the two largest democracies into a closer relationship.

        It tracks the voting records of U.S. Senators and House Representatives on issues of importance to the people of India. It furnishes the full text of Congressional statements on India and India-related issues, arranged for convenience by name of the lawmaker and by topic. It provides the names of the members of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, as well as their contact details and other information on the Caucus. It offers guidance on matters requiring positive action by U.S. lawmakers to strengthen America-India friendship and cooperation. It provides tools for building mainstream American opinion on India. And, it includes direct links to current relevant news stories and articles in online editions of Indian and U.S. publications, updated several times a week. Other features include official and non-official statements on India-related matters.

        Most important, makes it easy for the Indian American or PIO or Friend of India residing in any of the 435 Congressional districts, who is hard-pressed for time, to actively contribute to the development of an ongoing, strong bond between the U.S. and India, literally by just clicking a few buttons. When you find a little time, browse through the site and tell us what you think of it. And, please remember to fill in the "guest register".



Tips for Political Action, is an article that will give you some very interesting information and application methods for steps you can take to start being more influential regarding issues and concerns that you have.  

Examples of How You Can Get Politically Active -- provides a few points of what can be accomplished with a little endeavor within the legal system.

One Example of Lobbying Efforts by Indian Americans --  This describes the details of effective lobbying efforts when they are diligently applied. 


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