VFA Campaigns and Interests

        The Vedic Friends Association considers particular issues that affect the future and well-being of a better understanding of Vedic Culture, Hinduism, or Sanatana-Dharma. Below are particular campaigns that we have started, or stands that we take on specific issues. Our letters can be used by anyone who feels the same, and please share with us any contacts or emails that you find so that other members of the VFA can send the letter to them as well. This will create more awareness and influence for the cause or issue.   

Defending the Dharma: This is for watching and reacting to injustice and demeaning acts or statements towards Vedic culture, whether done deliberately or in ignorance. People interested in this area would work with the media as well as with politicians.  This is also for developing a stronger voice and providing a bigger influence regarding issues that need to be addressed. This will help end the neglect and bias often experienced by the Vedic community from government and politicians. 

The VFA Position Paper on Casteism  This paper voices the views that the Vedic Friends Association has toward the damage that is done by the Caste system as we find it today. It points out also why it should be stopped, and how the natural and truly organic form of social organization known as Varnashrama should replace it, and why.  [Click here to read it]

Campaign Against Misrepresentation and Bias in the Media

        Many times we see inaccurate reporting or articles in publications that present misleading information about Hindu Dharma and Vedic traditions, or India. We need to watch for this and write back whenever we see such an incident. Therefore we have supplied a form letter that can easily be used in most circumstances with only a few additions about the article with the misrepresentation and a little adjustment, along with the correct information that should have been given. So please find this "Letter to the Editor Sample" here so you can use it whenever you wish. Or download it to save for later.

        There other part of the plan is that when you see any such incident of misrepresentation in the media, not only should you write to the editor of the publication, but also inform others, such as those of us in the VFA, so we can also take up the campaign to write letters to the editor. Then the paper or magazine can get dozens of letters objecting to the misrepresentation, which will create a much bigger and more influential reaction. This is what we need for the media to begin taking us seriously, and being responsible in what they write about Hindu Dharma.  [Click Here for the Letter]


The Campaign Against the Exclusive Attitude Regarding Who Can be a Hindu  

        Many times we have heard about people who consider themselves to be high class or upper caste Hindus who deliberately harass or stop people of different classes from being a Hindu, attending temples, or participating in the Vedic rituals and practices. The VFA absolutely opposes all such attitudes. We believe that everyone has the right to participate in the Vedic path and to join in Vedic culture and Sanatana-dharma. Everyone is a spiritual being within a material body, which may be in various conditions of life. All such conditions are temporary, and all spiritual beings have the right to progress spiritually. So we have written a letter that relates our stand and is available for all people who hold similar views to send to as many people as they feel will help, or who should be aware of this issue. These should include politicians, police, social activists, newspapers or publications, spiritual teachers, gurus, Sankaracharyas, etc. 

        So whenever you find someone who should be sent this letter, in order to promote awareness for such changes, please take this letter and email or mail it to them, and also send us their address so we can add it to our list so that everyone in the VFA can do the same. [Click here for the Hindu Exclusivity Campaign Letter]



Vegetarianism: This includes the art of Indian vegetarian cooking and teaching it to others, along with the benefits of vegetarianism for one’s health and spiritual practice, and for the environment, as well as the topic of animal rights.  


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