Dear Editor,

            I was very disappointed to see in your publication of [date] in the article titled [name of article and author if available] wherein it was stated that [give the quote from the article].

            These comments on the culture of India - Hinduism, otherwise known as Hindu Dharma - show a lack of knowledge of the topic. It appears that the author, despite his other qualifications, lacks the necessary understanding to perceive the inner harmony and wisdom that Hindu Dharma has provided to people for many centuries. He also does not seem to understand the variety of thought within this tradition.

            For too long we have witnessed how these false assumptions and misinterpretations of Hinduism and Indian culture have been printed in publications such as yours, misleading the readers and creating an atmosphere in which Hinduism is not shown the respect that is shown to other religions.

            Hinduism is the third largest religion and the oldest culture in the world. There are numerous and ancient texts which explain its philosophy based on spiritual truths that are universally applicable to anyone. Hinduism sees all beings as manifestations of the Divine; not just humans, but all forms of life, are to be respected and honored. The basic premise, as written in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which means the whole world is one family. In this regard, Hindus are some of the most tolerant people on earth, and generally have no quarrel with people of other faiths. After all, Hindus have never engaged in large plans to convert others or in the ethnic cleansing which we have seen in other religions. So Hindu Dharma actually paves the way toward peace in a world that seems filled with violence

            Furthermore, the growing Hindu-American community is playing an increasingly important and stronger role in the Western economy and in America's development. It is time that our community is given the respect that is deserved. It is time that Hinduism is given the sanctity and regard that is so often given to other faiths. Anything less only creates a caricature of Hindus being backwards or worshipers of false gods, when we all know there is only one God, although manifesting in many forms. Anything less than the proper respect opens the door to intolerance toward Hindus as outsiders rather than fellow Americans who share in working toward a better country and a more peaceful world. It also leads to derision in schools and in the work place that prevents Hindus from offering the best that we all have to offer.

            What makes America great as a true democracy is its openness and respect for varying ideas and outlooks, at least within the confines of the law. And the pluralism, openness and the wide latitude of the Hindu philosophy are what make Hinduism a similar democracy and receptive to all kinds of independent and deep thinkers.

            So that you may present the correct understanding that should have been provided in your publication, I am providing information to correct that which previously appeared in your publication as follows: [explain here the proper view].

            Therefore, I request that you print an apology for the misrepresentation you have published along with the correction that I have included. Making this correction with an apology will be appreciated by your readers as well as members of the Hindu community.

            Thank you for your kind consideration in this regard.


            [your name]

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