The Vedic lifestyle encourages respect for all creatures. Therefore, there is a high degree of vegetarians with those who practice Sanatana-dharma, the Vedic lifestyle. Actually, it has been said that there is no more obvious a form of spiritual ignorance than the practice of killing of animals for eating meat. It reduces our awareness of the spiritual essence [the soul] that lives in each and every creature, and causes us to be increasingly callous toward the suffering of others. Therefore, a cruelty-free existence, and one in which we help keep down the karma we accumulate in this life, naturally includes a vegetarian diet.

        To encourage others in this way, and to give you all the information and means to help you be or increase your ability to be a vegetarian, you can look over the recipe books and numerous resources that are located on the following web page. This is:  

        As this department of the VFA grows, we will naturally have much more resources and discussion to offer.

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