The VFA Journal

        The  Vedic Friends Association offers an email Monthly Journal for all of our friends and associates. This will cover a variety of topics for your information and personal or spiritual development. Articles will include topics on spirituality, the origins of Vedic culture, the basis of Vedic spiritual knowledge, Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and much more. It will also provide special announcements and news on important issues pertaining to the Vedic culture. It will also provide news and noteworthy developments, such as new publications, about its members. Everyone who joins will be placed on the VFA Journal list.

        The VFA aims to be an ongoing process by which everyone can get deeper insights into the purpose of life and the universe. The email Journal and Newsgroup will be part of that process.  

        Samples of information that our VFA Journals contain can be viewed in a few of the early editions below:

VFA Journal # 1: Has 1) a short description of our S. D. Youngwolf's trip into India and his adventure of helping show the significance of Vedic culture and the similarities it has with the traditions of the America Indian culture here in the U.S.; 2) an article by Vrin Parker on the history of India and the world's future and a few points on what needs to be done to help preserve and protect the Vedic culture as we know it; 3) an article on the value of Vitra in the Vedic system, provided by Yogi Harinam baba Prem Tom Beal, our member teacher on yoga and kundalini; and 4) we conclude with an article called "Why Understand the Creation of the Universe" by Stephen Knapp.

VFA Journal # 2: In this edition of the journal we explore the Dangers of meat consumption, how the Vedas recommend and condemn the slaughter of animals, especially for meat consumption, verses in the Bible that recommend vegetarianism, and quotes from noteworthy persons on the need for vegetarianism. 

VFA Journal # 3: This edition contains "Meditation: A Short Course To Higher Consciousness" by Stephen Knapp. It covers the basics of meditation, its purpose, techniques for deep meditation, pranayama exercises, and the use of mantras such as om and Hare Krishna,

VFA Journal # 4: This edition offers articles that include 1) "The Myths of Meditation! New Light on Dhyana" by Yogi Harinam Baba Prem Tom Beal; 2) "Preaching in India's Northeast for Cultural Preservation" by Stephen Knapp, which looks at some of the activities of the VFA in the description of our trip to Assam and the "North East India Janajati Faith & Culture Protection Forum" which took place on the 14th and 15th of December, 2002; and 3) "HIDDEN FROM HISTORY--The Canadian Holocaust," which in our concern for native cultures looks at the shocking and disturbing planned extermination of the indigenous people of Canada by the Church. 

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