Affiliate Organizations

 These are some of the growing number of organizations that are joining and a part of the Vedic Friends Association network, working to assist each other in preserving and presenting various aspects of the Vedic sciences and its culture. They are listed in alphabetical order except for the IVI.  


American College of Vedic Astrology

P.O.Box 2149

Sedona, AZ 86339  USA

Contact: Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.




It's Purpose: A non-profit Educational Organization that Promotes Jyotish and the Allied Vedic Sciences through regular Symposiums, workshops and online education.

Check out the website for more information and continuous schedules for symposiums and workshops.



Divine Charitable Trust for Health and Education 

B. K. House,

Near Amprapali Cinema,

Raiya Road,

Rajkot, 360 001

Gujarat, India

Ph : 91‑281‑458845, 583777


Contact: Dr.Jaysukhmakwana  




        Purpose: We are eager to carry out activities in the field of health and education within India and abroad as well. Our trust will provide medical help and guidance to all needy, economically deprived people of the world. We will work with ancient Indian motto "Sarve Santu Nirmaya" as our guiding principle.

        Dr. Jaysukh Makwana, founder President of the trust and a leading Ayurvedic Dental Surgeon had the fame of treating 12,000 patients in various dental free camps. About 300 such camps have been organized in and out side of Gujarat.

        The treatment known as "Jalandhar Bandh Yoga" is unique as the tooth extraction is done without injection. This method of tooth extraction is unique gift to the humanity from Ayurvedic yoga shestra.

        With the whole hearted support of various social and religious organizations , youth clubs, charitable trusts, our trust in determined to arrange free camps for patients with dental problems in far flung and remote villages.

        Our trust will organize seminars ,medical checkup camps, health awareness programmes with the support of various experts from the field of Ayurved.


The Hindu America Foundation

5268G Nicholson Lane # 164

Kensington, MD 20895

Phone: 301-770-7835, Toll free: 877-281-2838,   email:    HAF represents concerns and issues very similar to the VFA, and is very active in representing Hindu Americans by interacting with leaders in government, the media, academia, and non-governmental organizations. The director Mihir Meghani is also a VFA member. Find out more by visiting their website.


International Center for Cultural Studies, USA


        ICCS' goal is to provide vital and innovative scholarship and training to young people, and to conduct research in ancient traditions around the world. ICCS endeavors to work across disciplinary boundaries and regional specializations. The Center keeps active contact with scholars of ancient traditions in the US and other parts of the world, seeking inspirations for new directions in ancient traditions and studies. The Center is committed to establishing new avenues of enquiry through critical examination of existing scholarly and institutional approaches to ancient cultures.

        Research activities include:

1. Preparation of exhaustive bibliography of different cultures,

2. Translation of important texts of different cultures,

3. Comparative studies of different cultures regarding their (a) philosophy, (2) religion, (c) science, (d) literature, (e) history, (f) music and fine arts, etc.

4. Arranging guest lectures, seminars, informal discussions, etc.

5. Publication of research journals



3607 Haystack Lane,

Bensalem, PA  19020

Website:, Email:, phone: 215-639-7322



Spiritual Science Center

Sonal Apartments,

Near Saraswat Bank,Agiary Lane, Chintamani Chowk

Thane, Maharastra, India  400601

Phone: 91‑022‑25368450

Name of Personal Contact:  Mr.Yeshwant Ramchandra Sane



Its purpose is to research Vedic technology of acquiring BrahmaJnyan. Hunt for Spiritual intent and experience in Vedic Rituals, Tantra, Mantra, etc.


The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF)

Its aims and objectives:

  • To educate humanity on the spiritual dimension and how it affects our lives.
  • To provide people with tools for:
    • Knowledge: Understanding the spiritual dimension.
    • Experience: Experiencing the spiritual dimension.
    • Problem Solving: Understanding and overcoming problems where the root cause is spiritual in nature.
    • Happiness: Achieving everlasting happiness.

Having said this, SSRF gives priority to guiding seekers with intense desire for God-realisation rather than just creating curiosity in the minds of millions about the unknown subtle realm.




Shiva Meditation Centre

27 Tower rd Mt Eliza

Melbourne, Victoria  3930                      


Phone: 97752568


Name of Personal Contact:  Utpal



Purpose of the organization?

        To aid all beings towards the goal of Self-realization and God-Consciousness

        To awaken seekers via Shaktipat initiation.

        To spread the knowledge and practice of meditation and Self-Inquiry.

        To foster for the benefit of mankind, understanding, compassion and peace between all people of all nations.


We are interested in developing relationships with Hindus of other traditions than our own, for the sake of discussion and the general spreading of Sanatana Dharma.


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